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      Enter the THYME product world
      Chaozhou the Tao Fengxiang ceramics production plant is located in a beautiful Chinese porcelain are - Chaozhou, office and production plant covers an area of 20,000 square meters. An excellent production and management personnel, is the professional design and production-star hotel of high profile restaurant strengthen porcelain tableware manufacturers. Over the years a range of products, improve the process and good after-sales service, by the favor of customers of the various hotels, restaurants, products home and abroad. "Quality first, customer first, reasonable price" is the the Tao Fengxiang production plant has always been the aim. With excellent product quality, good service, reasonable prices, by the new and old customers rely on the endorsement and support. Tao Fengxiang production plant all my colleagues will work harder to continue to self-improvement. New and old customers to return products to a more perfect update section.
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